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Publishing and Media Appearances​

Addison J. Hosner, Esq.

In addition to providing services as a litigation attorney, Addison also provides political commentary in an objective, honest, and observant way, tackling each topic with meticulous attention to providing the full story.

FOX 5's Shirin Rajaee is joined by Young Voices contributor Addison Hosner to break down the possibility of student loan forgiveness and what it means for you.


Student loans are not a new creation but the debt bubble and rising costs of tuition are. The youngest generations have been hit with tuition costs that their parents and grandparents couldn't have fathomed, and this is why those aged politicians are unable to calculate the effects of this failing system.

Addison Hosner returns to the Bullpen to discuss Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Parental Rights bill and DeSantis vs. Disney.


Addison joins Chris Spangle to discuss the exploits of COngressional members when it comes to utilizing insider information to profit from their elected positions. Remember this come November 2022.


Addison returns to the Square Circle to discuss the implications of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, the confirmation of new SCOTUS Justice Jackson, and the decision to not file charges in the Amir Locke case.

Qualified Immunity has become a stain on police accountability and prevents justice from being carried out stemming from police misconduct. The time is now to address this issue and right the wrongs.

Regardless of political leanings, the censorship of speech is a slippery slope that allows government actors to decide what is and isn't appropriate speech.

This week on The Square Circle, we discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Addison Hosner, Peter Pischke, and Edwith Theogene discuss this and more. Adam Bearne hosts.

"We may be witnessing the first consequential shift in how congressional members can participate in the stock market." Read more in my latest op-ed on how the tone has shifted with congressional insider trading.

The American Spectator

Marijuana decriminalization and reform efforts have taken far too long, with any luck that may soon be changing. Read about the new developments happening in the Senate to drive this issue forward.

The Orange County Register

This week on The Square Circle, we discuss the killing of an ISIS leader, Whoopi Goldberg's remarks on the Holocaust, and Brian Flores's lawsuit against the NFL. Quin Hillyer, Addison Hosner, and James Rosen discuss these issues and more. Cecily Fernandez hosts.

If you find it curious how many members of Congress have made fortunes during their time in office, you'll appreciate Addison J. Hosner's take on insider trading and Congress, a love story.

Moving Forward

Should members of Congress be banned from trading stocks? Senate Democrats have introduced new legislation to address what they see as a growing issue. Shirin Rajaee was joined by Young Voices Contributor Addison Hosner to break down the issue and what's at stake.

Fox5 DC

As this issue continues to blow up more each day, I will be speaking on two separate occasions on this topic over this week and next. Read below to get a feel for how your Congressional representatives are fleecing the American people out in the open; a classic case of "rules for thee, not for me."

The American Spectator

Turning down the noise and getting to the information we need about a scandal that involves over 1/5th of Congress. Addison Hosner of Young Voices joins us to talk about insider trader and financial advantages Members of Congress are using to get rich while they are supposed to be working for us, asks who is watching the watchers, and how financial corruption does extreme hard to public confidence in government.

Heard Tell

Addison Hosner, a family and marriage lawyer, enters The Bullpen to discuss the private prison system in America with Dr. Rashad Richey on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Hosts: Dr. Rashad Richey, Addison Hosner Cast: Dr. Rashad Richey, Addison Hosner

The Bullpen

Moving Forward with Young Voices Nov 16 2021 | Descheduling Marijuana (Audio)

If you want to listen in on my latest appearance on Moving Forward with Young Voices you can listen here! I speak about my most recent argument about cannabis reform.

Moving Forward

"Behind the veneer of sensibility, their recommendation is nothing more than a bid to control the marijuana market by implementing unnecessary regulatory hoops for entrepreneurs to clear." If you are a fan of the commerce clause, or even better, the dormant commerce clause, this will be right up your alley. If you have no idea what those are, then still give it a read to see if it piques your interest to want to dig further.

The Orange County Register

In law, there is a saying, to in every case there are three sides, the plaintiff’s, the defendant’s, and the truth. Read about how the Rittenhouse trial is a good demonstration of how critical thinking falls to the wayside of emotion.


Outside of a brief connection issue (during a time when I was dropping some jaw-dropping statistics on tuition increases), I am very pleased with how this radio interview went regarding the student debt crisis. Give it a listen.

Moving Forward

Tuition increases are obscene and relentless, outpacing inflation and average salary at astounding rates. How do we fix this or start on the path to reforming the system? Read more through the link below.

Washington Examiner

If there is one thing we should have learned by now as Americans, it is that prohibitions have always failed, and a prohibition on pornography would be no different. If we permit the governmental regulation of free speech simply on the basis that speech conditions and influences society, then that would be the end of the freedom of speech as we know it.

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