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Practice Areas at The Hosner Law Group, PLLC

What We Practice

Addison J. Hosner, Esq., brings a unique approach to every case. Today, we are overwhelmed with multiple options and the choice of an attorney is becoming increasingly difficult. At the Hosner Law Group, if we do not feel comfortable taking your case, we will be the first to let you know and can provide recommended referrals to other attorneys if so desired. This assurance to our clients allows you to rest easy knowing your case is not just an attempt to bill hours, but instead is a case that we believe in and will zealously advocate for on your behalf. If you do not see the practice area of law that you believe your case would fall under please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

Practices Areas: Practices
Speaking with the Judge

Family & Marital Law

The Hosner Law Group offers family law services in the areas of dissolution of marriage (divorce), paternity, child support and timeshare, modification of prior court orders, as well as the enforcement of court orders. Take comfort in knowing each case is handled with compassion and empathy, with no case being given a one-size-fits-all approach. Schedule your consultation today.

Contract Law

Do you need a contract to be reviewed prior to signing, or are you in a situation where a contract has been breached by yourself or by someone you have contracted with? The Hosner Law Group can assist with your contract related issues and also can assist you or your business in contract drafting. Schedule your consultation today.

General Civil Litigation

Do you find yourself in a dispute but are unsure of the actions to take? The Hosner Law Group can evaluate your potential case and determine if there is an appropriate legal strategy to address the conflict and resolve your concerns. Schedule your consultation today.

Mediation Services

In addition to providing services as an attorney, Addison J. Hosner, Esq., is a trained mediator by the Office of Dispute Resolution from the State of Nebraska and offers mediation services in a variety of practice areas. In addition, he holds an M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and can help navigate your case through a contentious mediation in the hopes to achieve a resolution.

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